SAP Analytics & SAP Data Warehouse Management: Key Feature


We are always consumed by this current era of technology. SAP, having a great name in the IT industry, understands that the cloud is the way of the future, and that cloud solution is a critical technological aspect that helps businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors. It’s for this reason that SAP, the world’s largest enterprise software company, has set its eyes on establishing SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Management. And this has led to the need for SAP software solutions.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is an excellent cloud solution by SAP that combines business intelligence, plan creation, and high-quality analytics all in one platform.

SAP Data Warehouse Management

SAP Data Warehouse Management is a data warehouse providing service solutions for IT customers and businesses that focuses on analytics and personas. It gives rapid data access with adapters along with pre-built business content that combines data from several sources.

SAP Analytics: The key features

Live connection

When you choose SAP Analytics, you will see that it can connect live to a variety of data sources and clouds. So, you can be sure that your data doesn’t get copied but rather remains in its original location.

One user experience and seamless navigation

Would you all agree if we say that user experience matters a lot? Well, of course, it does, and SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers great user experience and easy navigation. 

Master data

Master Data adds context to data that is transactional, allowing business owners to extract more value from their analytical dashboards.

Currency conversion

We know that when data is compiled in various currencies, it is especially crucial to highlight the unit of currency besides the relevant statistics. This is why SAP Analytics Cloud has emphasized currency, and the same is true when we talk about data from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as well.

Multi-Language support

The quality to adjust the analytical dashboard as per the user’s preferred language is what we can call multi-language support. And this feature is available in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with over 42 languages.

Time features

SAP Analytics offers excellent time features, and some of them are variance charts, range filters, and hierarchy selection as well.


Hierarchies are a wonderful method to organize data and make it easier for you to examine it. SAP Analytics Cloud, which sits on top of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, offers both level-based and parent-child hierarchies.

Input parameter and story filters

Both sorts of user inputs are now supported by SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Moreover, both of them surfaced through a prompt when launching an SAP Analytics Cloud story.


SAP Analytics Cloud’s live geo-maps is another excellent feature for analyzing data and detecting patterns. This is also feasible while connecting to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in real-time.

Benefits Of SAP Data Warehouse Management

Collaborative Spaces

SAP data analytics enables you to analyze projects and create a virtual workspace. You can bring data models and connections together in one secure and managed location with Spaces.

Business Layer

This uses words from natural language to help everyone grasp data quickly. You can easily define associations between items in the model of your data and add business information to your data fields for easy finding.

Self-service modeling

You can give business people the ability to readily model and examine data while freeing up IT resources.

Integrated Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud offers a native integration feature as well, through which you may discover new insights and can construct complicated data models and view data.


All in all, it won’t be wrong to say that the IT sector is dominating the world with its myriad benefits. And, SAP has understood its importance quite well. If you are looking forward to getting a good SAP service partner, you can get in touch with Epnovate Technology. 

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