Programming And Its Frameworks To Be Aware Of In 2022

Programming is the base for processing frameworks and building all kinds of applications relevant to the modern world.

Computers understand instructions that are written in a specific syntactic form called a programming language.

Programming is a fundamental skill to be learned worldwide for designing and developing applications in various platforms and website interactions.

Front End

A frontend is the foundation of graphical interface development visible to the users

The frontend is concerned with presentation and is fairly easy to understand since it is what we interact with daily on the web. It is referred to as the user interface in which users can develop the web through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Angular helps build interactive and dynamic single-page applications (SPAs) for mobiles and desktops.

Angular is an easy-to-learn Javascript structure that supports single-page applications, easy integration with reduced coding, and a declarative user interface with the creation of high-performance and complex choreographies.


React JS can be understood simply by the name that it is used for reacting.

It is a type of fast, scalable, simple, declarative, extensive, and component-based front-end JavaScript library used for building user interfaces and creating reusable UI components. React can be used to create mobile applications with support for extensive code reusability.


Vue is an incrementally adoptable framework used for building user interfaces.

It is well known for its key features such as simplicity, and low entry barrier. You only need to load the interface and add JavaScript to begin. Simple syntax is used for sending data to be viewed directly, where Vue.js automatically renders the elements without coding.


Javascript is a popular, fun, and flexible programming language.

It is well-known and widely used for being both front-end and back-end friendly. It facilitates the development of games, web applications, and mobile applications. It is a versatile, robust, and lightweight platform.


Backbone.js is a lightweight Javascript library that allows developers to develop and structure the client-side applications that run in a web browser.

It is used to help you organize your JavaScript and the manipulation of browser stuff such as the elements in your Document Object Model (DOM). It is convenient and flexible to use.


Ember.js is a development model consisting of languages such as HTML and CSS.

It can be used to create reusable and maintain JavaScript-based web applications. It proves advantageous by using templates that help to automatically update the model if the content of applications gets changed.

Back End

It is commonly known as the server-side of the website OR mobile application.

It can store and arrange data and helps to make sure that everything on the client-side of the website is working fine. The backend is concerned with all the parts of the web that users do not directly interact with, such as activities creating libraries. Working with system components without user interfaces are also included.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails can be described as a dynamic, object-oriented, general-purpose language

Ruby is a high-level programming language that can be interpreted the same way as Perl or Python. It is a combined conceptual framework of elegance, easy use, and pragmatism. It processes coding with fewer bugs and consists of rich libraries.


Node.js is a free open source server environment using JavaScript on the server.

Node.js can generate the dynamic page content. It can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server.Node.js can add, delete, modify data in your database and runs single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous programming.


Golang is a programming language practically designed by Google.

It is known for its simplicity, high performance, readability, and efficiency. It comprises an active community, good documentation, attractive wages and facilitation of easy learning. It runs well on Windows 10.


Laravel is designed to provide an enjoyable and creative experience for development with its expressive and elegant syntax.

It is a robust and easy-to-understand open-source PHP framework. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. It can be used for building web apps and handles routing, templating HTML, and authentication well.


This framework is popularly used worldwide and runs well on platforms such as Linus, macOS, and Windows.

Designed and developed by Microsoft, it is a pack of routines, libraries, and components that are necessary to run new Microsoft applications. It is used in the development of form-based applications, web-based applications, and web services.

.NET Core

.NET core is a developmental framework used for building any mobile, desktop, gaming, or cloud-enabled, internet-connected apps.

It provides various key features such as testability, making coding page-focused scenarios easier and more productive with the integration of modern, client-side frameworks and development workflow in a cloud-ready, environment-based configuration system.


Java is an object-oriented and secure programming language used for developing high-level programs and applications.

Java can be used for developing mobile apps, desktop GUI applications, web-based applications, big data technologies, and cloud-based applications. There are 4 platforms or editions of Java which are Java SE, EE, ME, and FX respectively.


Python is a powerful programming language well known for its versatile nature and free for anyone to use.

Python can be used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. It is used for a variety of everyday tasks, like organizing finances by many non-programmers such as accountants and scientists.

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