How SAP Consulting Helps

In this digital era, SAP consulting assists organizations in the implementation of compatible solutions. SAP makes use of artificial intelligence and hosts outstanding data handling features for transforming business processes.

With its implementation ranging from Human resources to Supply Chain management, several organizations have realized the potential of SAP in analysis, reporting, and data prediction. Which has enabled the businesses in the execution of brilliant decisions based on real-time data reports.

Integrate the SAP technology in your business operations and accomplish the benefits of this cutting-edge ERP. As a leading SAP consulting company, Epnovate Technology endeavors to deliver our clients the best in class and easy-to-implement SAP industry solutions.

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Our SAP consulting services

SAP Services & Solutions for Different Industries

Exercising the in-depth knowledge of this domain, Epnovate offers customizable SAP solutions that best suit your business including the newest SAP consulting. Our tailored SAP services consider the special requirement of diverse industries and fine-tunes the ERP system within the organizational structure. Our experts can efficiently map your needs and give you a competitive advantage with the best SAP solution. Few industries we are concerned with are:











Benefits of SAP ERP Services

  • Scaling of the solution in consonance with business growth
  • Adapts instantly conferring better control of supply chain
  • Inherent AI delivers novel contributions like conversational UP, predicted delivery delay
  • The In-memory database offers real-time, linked, and single basis of accuracy
  • Access to Big Datasets saves time, operational and hardware costs
  • Platform optimization as a digital core for transitioning to cloud environment

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Features of the SAP Solution



Exploit the flexible workflow concept of SAP to simplify the workflow configuration in areas such as sourcing or procurement.


Enhanced App Building

The built-in app architecture of SAP ERP permits long-term engagement and an all-in-one user experience.


Perfect Execution

A Well planned execution strategy serves an uncompromised performance while simultaneously allowing the incorporation of your innovative ideas.


Seamless User Experience

SAP integration offers seamless navigation and a never seen before, effortless user experience.


Latest Interface

Our SAP consulting services present the most up-to-date user interface for ERP systems dedicated for ease of business.


User-centered Experience

SAP incorporates modern technology to sustain a business-centric experience and enrich the app reception.

Learn more about how Epnovate designs, builds, and supports your app while surpassing all industry standards.

Our SAP Service Process

  • 1
    Requirement Analysis

    Critical for the success of the implementation, we place a higher emphasis on understanding your business requirement from the application.

  • 2
    Strategy Creation

    Our expert consultants work toward framing a custom, user-defined strategy to facilitate SAP migration with the required inputs.

  • 3

    It involves the incorporation of business-specific features and modules in the SAP ERP to create a preferred application.

  • 4
    Measuring performance

    After constructing the new application, we test and validate the processes in the SAP system and scrutinize its performance.

  • 5
    Final Optimizations

    Vital optimizations are implemented based on performance reports and trial feedback, followed by a final handover of the custom-built SAP ERP system.

SAP Solution

Why is SAP Consulting Support Essential?

A sophisticated application such as SAP requires vital post-implementation and migration support for the businesses to reap the benefits. We at Epnovate, take pride in giving the highest priority for addressing our client’s obstacles. Leverage our undisrupted support for SAP comprising monitoring, patch upgrades, and landscape optimization. You can always reach out with queries at our 24*7 helpline.

  • 80+ Customers Served
  • 100+ Projects Managed
  • 10+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 5+ Global Deliveries
  • 10+ Years of SAP Expertise

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Most Frequently Asked SAP Questions

To give a crystal-clear picture, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our services.

What is SAP consulting service?

SAP consulting helps businesses with the selection, implementation, training, and support for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software known as SAP. The SAP S/4 HANA is one of the SAP Products.

Why do you want to work as SAP Consultant?

The career of a SAP consultant provides excellent opportunities for development and personal growth. Moreover, the rapid growth in the ERP segment secures prolonged job opportunities. The extensive creativity required in addressing the challenges confers additional skills, always leaving space for learning.

Is SAP consultant a good career?

SAP consultation as a career exhibits long-term job prospects in the backdrop of increased integration of businesses in the ERP segment. Moreover, the constant engagement with businesses having diverse constraints imparts growing expertise. Hence, making it one of the best careers.

Does SAP provide consulting services?

SAP by itself does not have a dedicated consulting service. However, there are several best sap consulting firms such as Epnovate that offer SAP consulting.

What does a SAP consultant do?

The Job of a SAP consultant involves the analysis, design, and configuration of novel computer software and systems according to the client’s requirement. The role of the SAP consultant varies as per the modules.

Which companies are using SAP in India?

Prominent multinational companies such as TCS, Accenture, IBM, Hindustan Unilever, Reliance Infocom, and other innumerable companies running businesses in distinct sectors use SAP.