How S/4 HANA Helps

SAP S/4 HANA is the latest business solution provided by SAP. It has already been implemented in various organizations due to its excellent AI and Data handling features.

From Human Resource to Supply Chain Management, Migration to SAP S/4 HANA allows businesses to easily analyze, report and predict data from all their functions. This further allows businesses to make decisions based entirely on real-time data reports.

Epnovate’s expertise in SAP S/4 HANA allows businesses to use this latest ERP to their advantage. As the leading expert in SAP, we provide creative, easy-to-implement SAP S/4 HANA industry solutions.

Our SAP S/4 HANA Services

Benefits of SAP S/4 HANA Services

  • Maximum reduction of digital footprint
  • Better supply chain control
  • Embedded AI and process automation features
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting
  • Access to Big Data and IoT
  • Upgrade workflow and customer experience

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Features of S/4 HANA Solution



Employing SAP S/4HANA solutions ensures that you get a customized app with highly responsive features, no matter what your business deals in.


Enhanced App Building

App architecture built with S/4Hana contributes to a seamless user experience while encouraging long-term engagement.


Perfect Execution

Integrate your innovative ideas in the app architecture without compromising on performance and functioning.


Seamless User Experience

Migration to S/4 HANA ensures a seamless and extraordinary user experience for business applications.


Latest Interface

Fulfill all user needs with the creative and intuitive interface provided by the team of experts at S/4 HANA.


User-centered Experience

Employ modern solutions for problems to meet user expectations and improve app reception.

We design, build and support your app and surpass all industry standards.

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Our SAP S/4 HANA Service Process

  • 1
    Requirement Analysis

    First off, we understand and make a note of the goals and requirements you seek from the final application.

  • 2
    Strategy Creation

    Based on the type of app, the second step involves designing a unique strategy for migrating your data to S/4 Hana.

  • 3

    It involves continuous integration of features and modules to create the desired app based on the requirements.

  • 4
    Measuring performance

    Performance testing the SAP S/4 HANA solution to suit your pace.

  • 5
    Final Optimizations

    The last step involves a final calibration of your SAP S/4 HANA industry solution before handovers.

SAP Solution

Why SAP S/4 HANA Services is Essential?

Epnovate’s SAP development services are unmatched in the industry. Our “Always Prioritize the Client” policy is the sole reason we’re able to provide exceptional SAP S/4 Hana services to all customers. With our experience, you receive durable, efficient, and modern solutions.

Our developers’ team can detect, analyze and solve any problem you may come across. Additionally, you get a helpline available 24×7 to solve all queries.

  • 80+ Customers Served
  • 100+ Projects Managed
  • 10+ Years of Industry Experience
  • 5+ Global Deliveries
  • 10+ Years of SAP Expertise

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Case Study

SAP S/4 HANA Implementation

S/4 HANA provides superior data analytics, processing and the multi-cloud environment when compared to the standard SAP ERP. Epnovate provides simple implementation services that will help you integrate these benefits into an existing SAP software.

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SAP UI5 Development

SAP UI5 is a script-based technology used to create responsive apps that work on all devices. With Epnovate’s SAP application development expertise, create an application that will adapt to all smart devices and give all your clients a user-friendly and positive experience.

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SAP CRM Implementation

Manage your workforce with the latest technological development in SAP. Epnovate’s SAP CRM Implementation is swift, effective, and flawless so that managers can bring their business vision to life with a few clicks.

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Most Frequently Asked SAP S/4 HANA Questions

To give a crystal clear picture, some of the most frequently asked questions about our services are given below:

What is the S/4 HANA service?

SAP S/4 HANA service provides set-up, operation, and support services. The service can be used for contract, portfolio, and customer management by all businesses regardless of the type, size, and location. 

What is SAP S/4 HANA used for?

SAP S/4 HANA is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business suite that allows businesses to monitor their data in real-time. It allows businesses to make decisions based on real-time transactional data.

What is S/4 HANA implementation?

S/4 HANA implementation is the integration of the ERP business suite into your business module. Businesses can also choose SAP S/4 HANA migration services if they have an existing SAP solution.

What are the modules in SAP S/4 HANA?

  • The most popular SAP S/4 HANA modules are as follows:
    • Human Capital Management
    • Sales and Distribution
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Product Lifecycle management
    • Customer Service
    • Enterprise Performance Management
    • Logistics Information Systems

What are the differences between SAP HANA and S/4 HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory database designed for SAP applications. It simplifies data structure, improves performance, and provides real-time visibility of data. S/4 HANA is an application that runs on this database, i.e., S/4 HANA runs on SAP HANA. 

Which is better, SAP HANA or SAP ABAP?

SAP ABAP is a programming language created by SAP, the company, whereas SAP HANA is a database system that provides data storing, retrieving, and analysis. SAP HANA is better than SAP ABAP because the system has an in-built capacity to complete operations on the data in the system. Hence, this makes SAP HANA faster than SAP ABAP.

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