The Future Of Digital Assistants and Chatbots in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an upsurge in the need to enhance professional business applications with intelligent digital experiences, compounded and accelerated by the epidemic. Chatbot communication is on the rise across all industries. This growth indicates increased demand in system landscapes such as SAP’s intelligent suite portfolio, increasing user experience and end-user satisfaction in their task force. 

Digital assistants and chatbots for sap’s intelligent suite

The digital assistant serves as the end-users support centre for ad hoc jobs, help, FAQs, and other off-topic queries. When a user requests tasks or services (through commands, chat queries, or, in certain situations, voice commands), digital assistants/chatbots can express and interpret the user’s request, execute it efficiently in the system, and respond quickly.  

The finance manager demonstrates human-to-human interaction for goods receipts, recognising anomalies in financial documents, identifying the likely next step, and then contacting the credible accountant to make the correct booking in the system by entering the item in the chat window.


Digital assistant solutions must provide the following build and conversational experience:

Lower complexity and boost productivity

  • Support an enterprise-level bot-building platform from start to finish.
  • Pre-built chatbots for SAP S/4HANA Cloud with default integrations with the Cloud ERP system are easily deployed.
  • Enable the use of pre-built chatbots in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  • Customers must be able to change supplied templates, extend, and construct their own embedded chatbots, and the delivered content must be based on SAP S/4HANA Cloud business roles.
  • Awareness of the context.
  • The digital assistant is always aware of the user’s context and provides support according to the SAP S/4HANA business role.


  • Available in a variety of settings and locales.
  • Provides a diverse selection of languages.
  • Compliance with individual requirements for data protection and data processing regulations in the appropriate location is provided.
  • Ideally connected with productivity software.

Business collaboration

Chat capabilities for peer-to-peer communication necessitate the use of current chat functionality, as well as aspects such as screen capture and a connected, context-relevant business object capture for real-time access.


To develop a truly bidirectional engagement, the digital assistant must approach individual users and keep them updated on issues they need to know.

Technical solution

SAP Conversation AI is the company’s solution for digital assistants. The fundamental capability is derived from the acquisition of Recast AI, a software business. The solution provides a training, development, testing, and monitoring environment for chatbots that will be utilised in numerous business systems to streamline business processes across SAP and non-SAP products. It includes low-code capabilities like API connections, SAP Support Services, SAP Single Sign-On, dialogue construction, and analyses text inputs and enriches essential data using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

SAP CoPilot

SAP CoPilot is the enterprise’s digital assistant and bot integration hub. Pilot. The goal of SAP CoPilot is to create a natural interface between humans and technologies, namely enterprise systems. CoPilot allows users to execute tasks across all SAP applications with a single conversational interface. This instrument allowed for both human-machine and human-to-human communication. For the latter, SAP CoPilot was included in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud public cloud deployments.

Moving forward with a strategy

SAP is taking a holistic approach to user experience for the user interface and digital assistants, which means we will provide a single point of access to all required components.

We intend to combine a centralised user experience on the corresponding web entry page with access to the digital assistants for the various SAP intelligent suite applications based on the same technology for the digital assistant (SAP Conversational AI). 


We are presently defining the architectural and technical criteria and interdependencies required. The present SAP Conversational AI platform selected to construct this approach is being improved on by the SAP Support Company to ensure that all components are scheduled to work in unison. We anticipate communicating deadlines and external roadmap entries for the first time by mid-year 2022, at the very least.

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