7 Principles to Create Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for SAP Systems

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Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to imitate human intelligence and has higher efficiency than humans. It deals with developing tools for improved workflow, deeper data analysis, and more reliable decision-making.

SAP consulting service believes that AI can help you boost the growth of your business by identifying and correlating trends, patterns, and predictions. Their main aim is to deliver cognitive service to users for a better experience.

This article will help you understand seven principles that SAP HANA consulting uses to create an ethical Artificial Intelligence. 

Human Agency and Oversight

Human beings have developed the concept of AI and will benefit from the same, and hence, it should not be overlooked. 

There are three approaches to do the same:

  • The first approach gives humans a chance to agree or disagree with the decisions made by AI. 
  • The second approach is to involve humans to only deal with expectations instead of every transaction. 
  • The third approach is to allow human beings to have control over AI. 

The SAP consulting service follows this principle by allowing human beings to choose the most suitable approach. 

Technical robustness and safety

Every AI system should prioritize the safety of humans by preventing the misuse of information. SAP HANA consulting offers high security along with the features listed below:

  • Detects fraud and suspicious activities and stops them.
  • It provides resilience towards attacks such as hacking and has backup plans ready. 
  • Robust and high-security warehouse management.

Privacy and data governance

AI systems are said to be trustworthy if it offers data privacy to its users. The AI system should be efficient with high-quality data governance to assure the privacy of data.

SAP Intelligence RPA offers: 

  • Secrecy of user’s data. 
  • Guarantees users that no data will be used unlawfully or without permission.

This principle is essential to build trust, and SAP consulting service ensures to do it. 


An ideal AI system provides a traceable guarantee to users through advanced explainability and good communication. 

In simple words, it helps people trust the AI system blindly. The SAP Conversation AI is an SAP Consulting Service that adopts this principle and aims at providing transparency to users by enhanced communication and problem-solving ability. 

Diversity, Non-discrimination, and Fairness

An AI system handles large volumes of data, and it is their responsibility that no discrimination is involved in the process. SAP HANA Consulting adopts this principle using an award-winning interface and does not include any prejudice.

It means that users are not discriminated against based on age, race, religion, gender, or other abilities. Moreover, it helps users to function positively. 

Societal and environmental well-being

Just like humans, society and the environment are equally essential in an AI system. They should have the ability to solve difficulties and contribute to their well-being.

SAP Systems ensure to have a positive impact on the environment and society. It also focuses on the future generation and tests any ideas before implementing them. 


The last principle, accountability, combines with the above principles to ensure the responsibility of AI systems. It provides the features given below:

  • Efficiency to manage data independently during and after the deployment process.
  • Take accountability of AI systems and evaluate negative outcomes. 
  • Offer multiple redressal systems.

SAP consulting service offers all these features to win the trust of the users. 


The correct use of AI can help you boost your business in a short time. But this is possible if the AI system is trustworthy and ethical and adopts all the above-listed principles.

SAP focuses on building a trustworthy AI system for its users by adopting the principles that make it the best AI developing system. Get yourself in touch with SAP consulting services for more details!

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